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Zeus produces yeast respecting the environment

ZEUS IBA S.R.L. has always strived to support the highest standards of quality with principles of sustainability which guarantee the protection of the environment, of nature and of its inhabitants.
The environmental sustainability is based on the balance between meeting the needs of the present and those of the future generations which must not be compromised by harmful behavior or by waste.

By following these principles we have developed a process where raw materials, yeast production, treatment of waste water, the process residues are a globally sustainable system where everything is re-used. The main raw material of yeast is molasses, which comes from the processing of sugar beet and cane.
This raw material contains a high percentage of sugary substances which are used by yeast to reproduce. The other substances, present in the molasses, that are not used by the yeast, are separated and concentrated to constitute a protein concentrate, the fluid vinasse, used as a fertilizer or feed.

Yeast for Pizza Italy

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