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The Company

ZEUS IBA S.R.L. is the benchmark company for quality and service in the baker’s yeast sector.

It combines modern technology with a deep-rooted Italian tradition

The business started during the Fifties with the production and marketing of raw materials for the confectionery industry.

During the Sixties was experimented the baker's yeast production that we undertook definitely in 1981.
Since then Zeus established itself as primary producer for the domestic and European market.

In 2016 it started a Joint Venture with LALLEMAND companies, world producer in the field of yeast for bread, wine, and nutraceuticals.
This Partnership allows to combine the tradition of authentic Italian manufacturing with a more favourable environment to compete in the current globalized market.

Yeast for breadmaking

There are many reasons to choose Zeus:

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The product

The Zeus yeast is considered of superior quality by its users and even competitors; it is suitable both for fresh products and for frozen ones, in the bakery and in the pastry, it satisfies the needs of the most demanding bakers.

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Our Staff

All the staff is engaged to meet the customers' requirements in the areas of product quality and service.

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The Highest Quality Standards

These are guaranteed by qualified suppliers and by raw materials carefully selected and controlled by highly qualified staff supervising each step of the production with accurate chemical and biological analysis on every lot of yeast.

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The Product and Process Technology

Continuous investments keep the plant and the process at the state-of-the-art technology.

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Research & Development

Zeus products are continually improved in cooperation with universities institutes and qualified laboratories.

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Packing and Logistic

A punctual service is guaranteed in Italy and Europe by an accurate cold chain.

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